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Ask a Marine Biologist
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“Ask a marine biologist” response (whaling)
Are whale populations endangered by whaling? - Could they become extinct? Whales are endangered due to many factors, and whaling is one of them. With the populations in such a delicate balance (due to low numbers and environmental pressures, among other things),…
“Ask a marine biologist” response (career)
1) Why did the study of marine biology even start? In one word, curiosity. 🙂 The history of marine biology is linked with the history of science in general, and with ocean exploration and observation. Aristotle is sometimes cited as the…
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World Listening Day
World Listening Day is July 18! Time to start planning and prepping! World Listening Day 2021: The Unquiet Earth  
Earth Day 2017
earth ərTH/ noun  1. the planet on which we live; the world. Today, we celebrate all life with explicit recognition of the abundance and opportunities our planet provides. Let each of us take at least a few moments today to reflect on how fortunate…
Work-from-home marine biology and biodiversity project!
Seeking highly motivated research assistants for marine biology/sustainable ecology research. Assistants will review literature for a long term project which utilizes cutting-edge bioacoustic analysis and theory to describe the soundscape of a threatened coral reef. Position lasts two weeks (or through the…

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The George Washington University, Shapiro Traveling Fellowship Program Parque Nacional COIMPCPN Michelle's Earth Foundation Amigos de Isla Contoy SICASA COSTCO Gente por la Gente Asociacion de Hoteles de Cancun ---Join the list!---
BEACH CLEANUPS There will be beach cleanups with local school kids this summer, check back for the exact dates! You can also organize your own! If you are interested, let me know and we can help you organize it, provide scissors for cutting…
Seaing is believing. Seeing, and hearing, for yourself the amazing life, colors, and dynamics of the ocean environment is invaluable. Divers invariably have a greater appreciation of the underwater world after experiencing it first hand. Not only do you get to see…


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Ask a Marine Biologist

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Sustainable seafood?
I've been asked, so what SHOULD we be eating? Here's some of the suggested fish, based on the Smithsonian's study: Anchovies, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Channel Catfish, Pacific Cod, Mahi Mahi, Wild Salmon, Tilapia     For more info: The Smithsonian book, One fish, two fish, crawfish, bluefish - Sustainable Seafood Cookbook, by Carole…
Coral Reef Acoustics
For some interesting information about research on Acoustics of Coral Reefs ~
Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right
Despite pressures to introduce invasive species ON PURPOSE as a "solution" to environmental problems - scientists and conservation groups are making a clear case for, instead, supporting the natural environment and the native species. Check out: And post or send me your comments on this issue (also discussed in the Stay Tuned Network)


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Laz Tiyas and Flory Jagoda
This Friday we lost our Nona Flory - composer, musician, singer, mentor, performer, reviver of the Ladino language... We are grateful for the time we had together and honored to help carry on her amazing musical legacy. Flory Jagoda taught Laz Tiyas…
‘Reef Recall’ cello+soundscape performance July 8 in DC
As part of my ongoing work on Ocean Memory, on July 8 2018 at noon I will present a new composition for live solo cello with recorded coral reef soundscape composition entitled 'Reef Recall.' The piece explores past crustacean and fish conversations in the…
Sound and the Sea panel at National Academy of Sciences
In March I had the honor and privilege to curate and moderate a panel on Sound and the Sea at the National Academy of Sciences, as part of the DASER series. Bringing together science, music, policy and more we explored the ocean…
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20th Anniversary of Marine Protected Areas in Cancun, Mexico
An excellent time for the intersection of science and art! This week I am in Cancun celebrating World Listening Day 2016 and the 20th Anniversary of "Parque Nacional Costa Occidental de Isla Mujeres, Punta Cancun y Punta Nizuc." On Wedneday, July 20th, I…
Great Barrier Reef Losses Signal Need for Attention for MesoAmerican Reef
The news is buzzing about a study on the Great Barrier Reef that shows over a 50% loss in coral cover since 1985 (De'ath et al 2012), conducted by the Australian Institute of Marine Science and the University of Wollongong. Long term monitoring…
Whale Sharks Gather Off the Coast of Cancun
The day I went there were 89! Swimming in all directions, feeding on plankton.  
“The Listener” — merging art and science to take the pulse of Cancun’s Coral Reefs
Heather Spence is excited to be working with Jason deCaires Taylor to develop an underwater sculpture into a science lab. Spence, a Marine Biologist, is the founder of GRACIASS (Global Research and Art Center for the Investigation and Advancement of Sustainability Solutions).…
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